1. B

    My persian kitten has fleas!!!

    I really need some guidance, this is my first time dealing with fleas. I adopted an adorable persian kitten and the following night I found fleas on her 😣 my husband and I quarantined her immediately and have been putting her in a kennel at night since she has fleas but every morning I wake up...
  2. aylin.sherbaf

    Help the cats and guardians of cats❤

    Actually Now someone asked me a question That is for the cat to enter the house what to prepare I can add to the benefits of cats Necessary conditions for maintaining useful and correct information Find it and put it in the app that anyone who has a cat should use the application Read this...
  3. FF

    What To Expect During My First Time Cat Boarding?

    Today I sent Licks off to a boarding place for the first time, and I won't lie in admitting that it's been a rather frightening experience for me as a pet owner! You see, I'm finally getting the floors furnished, which involves moving all the furniture into the garage so I can live in the...
  4. KittyJ

    Cat Insurance

    I'm looking into pet insurance for my cat. Pumpkin seems to be very popular among other cat owners. What kind of pet insurance do you guys have?
  5. KittyJ

    Cats VS. Dogs

    Based on my personal experience, cats are easier to take care of than dogs.
  6. F

    Big List of Cheap/Budget Wet Foods for Cats. Any Other Recommendations Appreciated.

    We're always looking for cheapest/best value food, and I have done my best combining through Reddit, other forums, and review sites to make a good list of affordable and economical wet/canned foods for cats. Hopefully this guide will help some of you out. My top tier "Budget but Still Healthy"...
  7. tanginanyonglahata

    My other female cat stole my other female cat's kittens

    Hello guys! My black female cat stole the kittens of my Siamese cat and I am wondering why. The black female cat of mine lost her babies last October. All of her kittens were dead for some reasons. Now, that my Siamese cat has kittens, my black female cat tries to steal every kittens of my...
  8. Arham131

    Are cooked chicken bones really harmful for cats?

    Hi, I am a little confused. today I read an article that said cooked chicken bones are dangerous for cats, but I don't understand, how? When we cook something all the germs are washed away. right?
  9. KittyJ

    Breed Of The Month Selkirk Rex

    The Selkirk Rex is one of the few cat breeds with curly hair! A natural genetic mutation causes their curly hair. History The Selkirk Rex hails from Montana, US. In the late 80s, a Persian breeder named Jeri Newman came across a stray kitten with unusual curly hair. Newman took the...