1. KittyJ

    General Vegan Diets for Cats–Is It Okay to Feed My Cat a Vegan Diet?

    Vegan and vegetarian diets have become notably more popular during the past decade. Many people choose to follow a strict vegan diet to protect animal lives. Are Vegan Diets Harmful for Cats? Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they eat a diet consisting of at least 70% meat. Obligate...
  2. B

    My persian kitten has fleas!!!

    I really need some guidance, this is my first time dealing with fleas. I adopted an adorable persian kitten and the following night I found fleas on her 😣 my husband and I quarantined her immediately and have been putting her in a kennel at night since she has fleas but every morning I wake up...
  3. P

    3 month old kitten has eye infection for weeks

    This is my first time posting, so please forgive me if I make any mistakes or violate any rules, it's unintentional. I just got a group of three kittens from the shelter, Castaway, Precious, and Banshee. We called him that because he's always screaming for attention, he loves being held and will...
  4. nchat

    Does it feel like cat products are not designed for cats?

    Hi everyone! I'm an owner of a tabby cat named Pumpkin and I've had him for about 6 years now. As the years have gone by I have noticed that cat products are not really made for cats or with cat owners in mind. Many times these products get destroyed easily or fall apart within a year (cat...
  5. KittyJ

    Cat Insurance

    I'm looking into pet insurance for my cat. Pumpkin seems to be very popular among other cat owners. What kind of pet insurance do you guys have?
  6. KittyJ

    Treatise on Cats

    I recently came across an old manuscript of paintings of cats in Thailand. It's interesting to see how much the feline has evolved over the years. Some of the patterns on these cats don't even exist today! Y'all should check it out:
  7. E

    Cat mouth issues

    My cat has a weird also canker sore looking thing by 1 tooth only, noticed it a week ago, went away next day, but is back now a week later. it's small and red around it kinda. He has no trouble eating hard food, everything seems completely normal otherwise. kinda bad breath but has had bad...
  8. KittyJ

    General Why Your Cat Isn't Drinking and How to Fix it

    Cats naturally don’t drink much water as they have a low thirst drive, which means they don’t feel the need or urge to drink water as much as we humans do. Because of this, cats are prone to dehydration. Cats should drink between five and ten ounces of water, depending primarily on their weight...
  9. KittyJ

    What's the Most Stunning Color/Pattern You've Ever Seen on a Cat?

    In my opinion, black smoke and snow (Bengals) are the most gorgeous colors/patterns on a cat, although they're all beautiful!
  10. Arham131

    Are cooked chicken bones really harmful for cats?

    Hi, I am a little confused. today I read an article that said cooked chicken bones are dangerous for cats, but I don't understand, how? When we cook something all the germs are washed away. right?
  11. KittyJ

    Happy National Black Cat Day!

    National black cat day is celebrated every year on October 27th. If you have a black kitty, today is a great day to celebrate him or her! I think we can all agree that black cats are definitely a symbol of good luck and fortune!