General Cat Breeds You Should Avoid When Looking to Adopt


As many of you know, purebred cats are more prone to congenital, hereditary, and chronic health issues compared to mixed-breed cats. Because of this and for the sake of rescuing the less fortunate, it’s best to adopt shelter cats.

Many cat enthusiasts are against breeding purebred cats (and with good reason,) although there’s nothing wrong with providing a loving home and plenty of attention to a purebred kitty who’s going to need to be adopted anyway!

Purebred shelters are a great place to find purebred kitties who are in need of a good home.

Scottish Folds

Breeding the Scottish Fold is illegal in most European countries because of the presence of a disorder called osteochondrodysplasia in the breed that causes skeletal deformities (folded ears) and extreme pain in some cases.

It’s best to avoid purchasing Scottish folds because they will likely continue to be bred as long as there is a market for them. Not to mention the possible cost of vet bills.

Bengals & Savannah Cats

These are two of the most popular hybrid cat breeds.

Hybrids sound cool, don’t they? They definitely look cool! It’s their behavior that’s an issue.

Aggression, destructive behavior, and refusing to use the litterbox are all common problems seen in hybrid breeds.

Later generations are typically more timid and docile than earlier generations. However, all generations of Bengal and Savannah cats are illegal in Georgia, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Rhode Island, as well as in Australia and The Netherlands.

Persians & Exotic Shorthairs

Both Persians and Exotic shorthairs have extremely short muzzles–similar to that of a bulldog–that can cause difficulty breathing.

All flat-faced cat and dog breeds are banned in The Netherlands.


Not one cat breed is perfect! It’s wise to do your research and decide which cat breed is best for you and your situation if you have your heart set on adopting a purebred kitty.

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Image by tony park via Pixabay