Charity Showcase Posting Rules

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Nov 25, 2021
To help promote worthy cat charities, you can showcase your favourite cat charity or charities in this thread.

Please follow these rules when posting:

- Use the thread prefix to indicate the operating region. This is enforced by XenForo.
- Put the name of the charity in the thread title. Feel free to use other words as well, but the name really helps people to find them.
- Say a few words about the charity and link to them on a separate line so that the XenForo unfurl mini preview function works.
- Only one charity per thread. This helps users to quickly scan the list.
- Optional: if the charity has any special promotions at the time of posting or funding drives, feel free to mention these if you like.
- Optional: add pictures to your post.

I'll kick it off with a couple of examples.

Cute kitten - small.jpg
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