Cuddly Cats: Most Affectionate Cat Breeds


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Nov 25, 2021
I've come across this nice article on cuddly* cats that I think members will find interesting. In fact, the site as a whole has many interesting cat related articles for you to check out. Also, the CGI cat pictures are gorgeous.

Cats are often celebrated for their independent and sometimes seemingly aloof nature, but many cat breeds are known for their affectionate and cuddly demeanor. These breeds exhibit characteristics that make them ideal companions for those looking for a loving pet. They are often people-oriented, seeking out human interaction and the warmth of a comforting lap. From the iconic and plush Persian with its long, luxurious fur to the friendly and outgoing Ragdoll, known for going limp with happiness when picked up, these cuddly cat breeds have a special way of forming strong bonds with their caretakers.

Note that while I'd love to have something like a ragdoll, in practice I wouldn't have any specific breed that I must get from a breeder. This is because there are far too many rescued cats in shelters that need a good furrever home, so I'd feel obliged to take one from there instead. I'd go a step further too and get one on death row from a kill shelter, to save a life or two. I'd then feel terrible about the others I couldn't save, but that's one for another post.

*I'd like to see a cat that isn't cuddly, even the hairless ones, but I guess it's relative.