Excessive meowing


New member
Mar 18, 2024
My cat won’t stop meowing at night which I’m guessing cause it’s due to a new place for her as we moved. I read a calming collar would help. We tried leaving lights on at night and nothing so far is helping. Would it be a good idea to maybe lock her in a room at night with a light on so it’s not overwhelming for her? Any suggestions?


Staff member
Apr 27, 2021
You can definitely try keeping her in one room at night. Just make sure she has a litterbox, water, food, toys, scratching post, and possibly a cat tree. Try spending some time with her in said room during the day to help her get used to being in there
Feb 4, 2024
How long ago did you move and how old is your cat? Has she ever done anything like this before? Give her a good play session with her fav toy or a wand toy. Get her moving but let her catch the toy often so she isn’t frustrated. Move the toy in the air, on the floor, around furniture, fast, slow. Just like when she would chase a bug or bird. After about 15 minutes start moving the toy slower and then stop. She might still play with it but slowing it down is like it is dead. Again, like when she “hunts”. Pick up the entire toy (don’t let anything dangle) and put it away. Then, give her a meal or snack. Leave some other fun toys out that are safe for her to play on her own. Typically, after a “hunt”, a cat eats, grooms itself and relaxes.