Good enclosures for cats outside?


New member
Jun 25, 2023
So, I'm in the process of moving out of the house due to losing it after my grandad passed away. I have to put my cat in an outdoor enclosure and modify it. Now, the enclosure im looking at are ones like the images I added. We're also wanting to put in a rabbit hutch or a chicken coop for her to hide in if she wants. Does anyone have any suggestions good chicken runs or hutches/coops to get for her? The reason she's being put in an enclosure is cause she doesn't do well with other cats and my mom has three. Obviously it's not permanent, a year at max while I save for a house and build my credit up. I'm also planning to modify it with tarps and other items to keep her safe and dry and shaded. Also gonna anchor it down as best I can to be careful and I plan on putting horse mats down so she has something soft to lay on instead of JUST grass. It was either this or my aunt would take her and make her FULLY outside.