How did you choose your cat's name?

Ms Bigfoot

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Dec 12, 2022
My cat has a big red nose, so we named him Rudolf.

Red Nose Christmas GIF


May 1, 2023

Gizmo as a kitten with his mum who i called Tilly.
This was her last litter. We got her speyed after this and she lived with another family.
Gizmo stayed with me. But we couldn't pick him up. Still hates it to the day.
Gizmo was always around his sister Grumpy who looked like Tilly.
Grumpy was a spicy kitten.
Gizmo was pleasent. A loud purrer when it was food time. He let me pat him.
His name came out of the blue! He is a russian blue. had to look for a suitable name. He liked the name of gizmo.