Movie: Homefront


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Nov 25, 2021
I've just finished watching action movie Homefront starring Jason Statham. It was a good film, like most of his are, but it was also good in another way: it featured the cutest little black kitten!

I'm not gonna create lots of spoilers here, but I just wanna make a point about it. Normally with films like this with lots of bad guys, the adorable pet of whatever species cops it from them, as in brutally murdered, which always winds me up. This time however, the bad guys catnapped the kitten, but then some time later, our hero found the kitten eating some food that had been left for it at the bad guys' place and rescued it. This made for a refreshing change and was very welcome. I can therefore recommend this movie to all cat lovers who like action movies! :)

Oh and it features lots of gratuitous violence and - shock horror - swearing! 😮 :ROFLMAO: