My Cat will not climb


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Mar 17, 2023
Here's my problem, I also have a little Chihauhau If I leave my cats food in her bowl on the floor she will eat a little and then walk away and will come back in 10 minutes to eat more, well by that time its gone as the dog eats it! So, I now put her food on the kitchen table so that the dog cannot reach it. Problem is the cat will not climb onto the table for some reason, so I have to lift her up onto the table to eat. Why will she not climb? I've tried lifting her up on to the chair to show her the food and smell it but she wont even climb from the chair to the table! What can I do,any ideas?


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Mar 23, 2023
I think that she is just not used to eating on the table and that's it
my advice would be to leave it like that, I mean when she will get really hungry she will climb there herself, trust me
if not, just try another place where she will feel comfortable and safe to eat
good luck.


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Apr 27, 2021
I second what @kittymanel said: it sounds like she's simply not used to having to eat on the table. I suggest you move her food bowl to another room where you can close the door to keep your dog out.


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Jun 22, 2023

Maybe your cat is not comfortable in the place she will eat, try to put her in other room instead of higher places.