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Apr 28, 2022
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Hello everyone! I’m a new member as of today, and thought It would be nice to share my cats with you all. You seem like a lovely bunch on here!

My cat is currently pregnant and I’d love to share the kittens and her journey with you all, if you’d like me to of course!

My cat is a 3 year old Caliby :) I also have another cat and he is the father of the kittens, a red lynx point. I would like to point out that this is their first and only litter to be had.

Look forward to meeting some new cat loving friends :)
here are photos of them both :) dad in the bathtub (he loves to dip under the taps) and mum having a snooze earlier on 447C2502-73BF-4029-ABB9-67463CC18BD8.webp84672A91-3056-4D1E-AEA2-7AF4DF3CD8C0.webp
Welcome to the forum! We're glad to have you here! Your cats are beautiful!