Omarsmom - New member!


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Jul 25, 2022
Hi all, Just adopted 14-week-old orange tabby Omar from a friend, and looking for help and advice on a variety of topics (vets never give you enough time!) that include:

How to introduce a second cat into your home
Best cat litter for humans and felines (i'm sensitive to chemicals and also want to make sure my kitty isnt exposed unnecessarily)
How much to feed a very hungry kitten
Natural cat care
how to discipline a constant biter
Best pet insurance (is it even worth it?)
And so many more questions!!!

Thank you in advance for any tips and advice.
~Laurie (aka Omarsmom)


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Apr 27, 2021
Welcome! We're glad to have you here!

As for introducing a two cats to each other, I suggest Jackson Galaxy's method. Here's a YouTube video:

Here's natural cat litter by Purina:

Here's a feeding guide for all life stages:

Cats playfully bite their owners. They don't understand that it can hurt sometimes. Cats don't understand discipline so please, avoid spanking or spraying for kitten with water. Here's an article that might help:


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Nov 25, 2021
Welcome to Feline Forums. KittyJ's advice is very good and makes a great start.

I'd just like to reinforce what KittyJ said about not disciplining your cats. They're not like dogs, so any kind of slap, or hit, however light, just scares and upsets them terribly instead and makes them nervous. Perhaps a slightly stern(ish) "no!" and a pointy finger if they're doing something you don't like such as scratching the sofa is ok and gently pulling them off it* if they don't run away first. Of course, they should always have scratching posts, preferably more than one.

Lots of toys for them to ignore or a must, too.

*Chunks of sofa come away with said cat, bless. :love: