Rescue Kitten with food aggression


New member
Nov 13, 2023
My husband found an abandoned kitten at an empty house while he was doing some lawn work for the owners. It looked to me to be about 4 weeks old but was extremely small & skinny. We brought it home and fed her with kitten formula and canned kitten food. She appeared to have human contact before, had no fear of us or our dogs. She has grown and flourished but she is still very food aggressive. Otherwise she is playful and affectionate and follows us around and a cuddler. But You can’t touch her bowl when she’s eating. And she will steal food if she can manage to get near it. If I try to take it away she will attack my hands. I’ve fostered several kittens , even feral ones that have not exhibited this behavior to this extent. Any suggestions on helping her feel more trusting around food? She is small now, maybe 8 wks but as she gets older this could become more of a problem.