Breed Of The Month Somali


Somalis are virtually the longhaired version of the Abyssinian, although it’s considered its own breed.


The breed originated when the longhair gene was introduced to the Abyssinian. When, where, how, why–no one knows.

An American woman named Evelyn Mague set out to have the Somali recognized by cat fancier clubs and registries.

In 1979, the Somali gained championship status with the CFA and TICA.

Appearance & Physical Traits

Somalis have been dubbed “Fox Cat” because of their beautiful red coat and bushy tail.

The breed has the same ticked tabby pattern as the Abyssinian but also possesses a coat of long, fluffy fur that sets the two breeds apart.

Blue, cinnamon, and fawn colors are accepted in the breed, but red is the most common and desired color.

Somalis are medium-to-large cats, typically weighing between six and twelve pounds (3-5 kg.)

They have a triangular-shaped head, large wide-set ears, and big round eyes!


Somalis are full of energy and require plenty of physical stimulation.

They are very affectionate and friendly–as long as it’s on their terms. Somalis will bond strongly with their favorite person and hardly ever leave their side!

Somalis are known to be very intelligent–they can be trained to come when called and to fetch. Some are capable of learning how to open doors and cabinets and turn on water faucets on their own.

These cats are very playful! They love running, jumping, climbing, and playing games.


Somalis are prone to Pyruvate kinase deficiency–a hereditary form of anemia in which red blood cells break down faster than normal.

PKDef isn’t something you have to worry about if you purchase your Somali from a responsible breeder who has screened their cats for hereditary diseases.

Annual wellness check-ups are essential for your cat to ensure he/she is in good health.


Somalis require daily grooming to manage their shedding.

Because of their boundless energy and active mind, these cats need plenty of interactive toys, puzzles, and climbing trees to keep them entertained.

You should brush your cat’s teeth daily, trim their nails every 2-3 weeks, and give them an occasional bath.

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