The Official Cuteness Caturday Thread

Today's Cuteness Caturday entry.

I think it's a little late to rescue that pasta dish...

Shot of a lifetime.webp
Would you eat that after the cat had a go at it?
Yeah, in practice one is unlikely to get sick, but it's unhygenic and offputting.
Got three lovely Cuteness Caturdays for you today. :)

Miracle cats.webp

Ginger kitten.webp

Ginger and white kitten scratching.webp
Ahhhh, irresistible kittens....and unlike human babies, baby cats don't lose their cuteness when they grow up. :)
Nova being cute


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  • Nova with a bow tie.webp
    Nova with a bow tie.webp
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Such pressing problems for Cuteness Caturday.

Knock down tree.webp
Ok, not really Cuteness Caturday material, but important reasons for keeping our beloved kitties indoors.

For anyone who thinks that they must roam free, know that most cats will shrink their horizons when kept indoors so that the house becomes the territory to prowl around and pretend to be ferocious.

They'll be pretty happy with their pampered life. Is it really worth having any of these terrible things happen to them all in the name of "freedom"? Clearly not. Please keep them indoors and keep them stimulated with toys, playtime, cat trees, scratching posts, etc.

What do indoor cats miss.jpeg
Absolutely, keeping cats indoors is essential for their safety. They can lead happy lives with proper stimulation indoors, minus the risks outside. Safety first! 🐾
Here's today's (very late) Cuteness Caturday entry.

White kitten holding up paw.webp

Fluffy white and grey kitten.webp
Right, this thread has been a bit neglected lately, so check out Fedya, the adorable cross eyed cat!

Fedya, a four-year-old cross-eyed cat, has won 311,000 followers for his photos and videos on Instagram, thanks to his quirky cartoon-like looks.

His owner, Natalya Zhdanova, 42, from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, said her pet brought “joy and smiles” to people.

Fedya was born with a coordination disorder and initially struggled to move, with Natalya fearing he might not survive when she found him in her back garden in 2020, but the feline is now thriving.


For this Cuteness Caturday, I've got the cutest video for you. This rescue cat is so meowy! ❤️

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After quite some time, here's a couple of pictures for Cutenes Caturday before the day runs out at midnight.


Have a great Saturday.webp
In a midweek feelgood special, here's a video of adorable cats being adorably affectionate. ❤️

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