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Mar 19, 2021
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Hi all,
As of today, we've made the decision to disallow posts in the health forums regarding medical emergencies or complications. The reason for this is simple. Online advice can NOT replace a consultation with the vet, and forum users are not professionals! These sort of posts are morally wrong and are often the work of cat owners trying to skip vet fees. They put pressure on our members who are already answering for free, and most of the time, these posters will leave after asking the question and aren't interested in engaging with the community. You're still free to ask general questions (i.e. "What cat foods are best for kittens?" or "How often should I clean the water bowl?"), although you should still consult with your vet as well. In the end, we're trying to build a fun cat enthusiasts community, not a medical database. There are plenty of other cat forums available if your goal is to ask medical questions.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you understand.
Indeed, it's very unpleasant to hear about some cat that's in distress which we can't do anything for and the owner is trying to get out of vet fees by cheapskating here. On top of that, there's seldom a follow up from the user, even with a reminder, never showing up again, which is very discourteous to the community.

FF, myself and @KittyJ will be strictly moderating such posts, so we'd all appreciate your cooperation in abstaining from making them.

Let's keep the forum fun and happy with cute pictures and stories of cats for every cat lover to enjoy.
Previous medical posts (That do not follow these guidelines) are being archived to prevent confusion among new users. If you think your post has been archived by mistake, send me or @SirMeow a message!