Very Protective Of Second Litter


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Mar 31, 2023
I have a very adorably small, dainty little silver cat that I recieved by pure chance. I live in an old farmhouse, and her mother was abandoned on our farm a few years ago because she was pregnant. She was so scared and skittish I couldn't get close to her but it was obvious by her silver tabby long fur and the way she carried herself that she was not an outside cat. I made sure to leave her food often.

One day, 2 years ago, we found she abandoned a baby in a bush, waited to see if she'd take him. Then found he was abandoned for aggression. We raised him well and now he's very sweet and calm. But one day, he was by our basement door and when I opened it to see why I was shocked to see two little tabbies looking up at me. I had already been feeding their siblings. I got them to trust me, and took care of them. However the little girl later got pregnant right before we were going to have her fixed. Apparently, due to how their mother acted, she must have not wanted to be like her because she had 4 babies and snuggled them and spoiled them well into their half year of life. Thing is though, I saved her 3rd child because she was so small that she was too exhausted to break his placenta and when I had found that (and was nervous he was stillnorn) i carefully pinch a hole near his nose, and was relieved to see him moving immediately. I had been by her side the whole time and she was a very happy mother...

But this time? She's had 5, she was telling me before I left for work that she was about to deliver. But I had to go in as my attendance is bad this year and I'm the senior in my department. So I receive a call from my husband that when he got home she had them. But the hole time she was very protective. She will only let me near this time and wouldn't relax until I was. If I'm not in the nursery room with her she panics. And I've had to feed her inside her box because while I'm in there she won't leave their side... I wonder if she'd be acting different had I been able to help her again. The babies are all healthy and she did well on her own. But she's not her normal self at the moment.


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Apr 27, 2021
So this is her second litter? It seems like she's still learning! And that's okay.


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Apr 5, 2023
It's possible that your cat may have wanted your presence during the delivery and is now seeking comfort and reassurance from you. It's also possible that she remembers how you helped her with her previous litter and feels more comfortable with you around.

To help your cat feel more relaxed and comfortable, you can try spending more time with her in the nursery room and providing her with a comfortable and safe space to care for her kittens. You can also offer her treats and praise to help her associate your presence with positive experiences.