What To Expect During My First Time Cat Boarding?


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Mar 19, 2021
Today I sent Licks off to a boarding place for the first time, and I won't lie in admitting that it's been a rather frightening experience for me as a pet owner!
You see, I'm finally getting the floors furnished, which involves moving all the furniture into the garage so I can live in the basement for three days while the floor guy does his thing. Initially, I decided to board because I feared all the commotion from above would frighten Licks. Additionally, I couldn't trust the workers to check in and make sure she's okay while I'm out of the house - It's not part of their job.
In the evening, I paid Licks a visit to make sure she's doing well. We got her a private room since she's shy and doesn't like to be around other cats, but nonetheless she's still very shaken up. I hope I made the right choice!
Does anyone here have experience with cat boarding?


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Apr 27, 2021
I don't have any experience with boarding, but I hope that everything goes smoothly! Being in a foreign place can be scary and stressful for a cat, but Licks should be fine.


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Nov 25, 2021
I don't have any experience either, unfortunately. That they offer a private kitty condo suggests that it's a decent kitty hotel.

I do suggest looking out for any potential infections on her return though as it does spread in places like that. Might be worth talking to your vet to see if a precautianary visit should be made when you get her back.